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Wedding planning can seem like a confusing process, so I have created this page to make things a little bit easier. Here you will find helpful wedding resources, such as FAQs and a list of my favorite wedding vendors. Happy wedding planning!

How To Select Your Officiant


How Write Your Own Vows

Use this checklist to help you to get all the facets of your ceremony in motion, ensuring the ceremony is exacty how you wish it to be.

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wedding faqs

Q: Does it make a difference to the price whether we have a large wedding or a small gathering?

A: No. The major component that affects the price is whether you have your ceremony on a prime day and time, e.g. a Saturday evening.


Q: Can we write our own vows?

A: Yes! In fact, I strongly encourage writing your own vows because it adds a personal touch to your ceremony. However, if you would prefer not to write your vows, I can provide suggestions or standard vows.


Q: Are we required to have pre-marital counseling?

A: No, but pre-marital counseling is a good idea. A good counseling session can provide a solid foundation for a marriage and help to prevent future discord. If you are not comfortable with pre-marital counseling, there are many books on the subject that I will gladly recommend.


Q: Can our family or friends take part in the ceremony?

A: Certainly, and I would encourage it. However, I will need to see the content of their activity or reading.  Churches and chapels do have some restrictions in keeping with their faith and settings.


Q: Do we need a rehearsal?

A: Yes and No. If your wedding party is only yourselves and one or two others, you can do without the rehearsal. For anything larger than that, rehearsals are essential. Doing a run-through will put your mind at ease and prevent problems from arising on your big day. You have spent many hours (and dollars) planning the wedding outfits and decorations. Why wouldn't you want the ceremony to be just as polished?


Q: Do we need a wedding coordinator for the day of the wedding?

A: I would strongly recommend it! Whether you use a professional or a detail-oriented friend, you cannot do all of the planning yourself. It's also important to remember that I cannot direct the wedding party once the ceremony begins. Although everyone practices in the rehearsal, some people go blank on the day of the wedding. That's why it is a good idea to have a person to tell them what to do and when to walk. Believe me, I have performed enough weddings to know that investing in a wedding coordinator is money well spent!


Q: If we have a coordinator, do we need the officiant at the rehearsal?

A: How polished to you want your ceremony to be? I always make it a point to work closely with the wedding coordinator. Together, we are an expert team that can make your ceremony as unique as you are. The rehearsal serves as a practice session where we find out if changes need to be made. Remember, the rehearsal is the time to make your ceremony perfect. Having both the officiant and the wedding coordinator present ensures that you have a smooth ceremony on your special day. bouquet


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